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provided by Into The Blue
Gyros Flying experience © Texaus1 2013
Gyrocopter Flying Experience &copy Alasdair 2014Gyros Flying experience © Texaus1 2013Gyrocopter flight lesson © Alexander Markin 2014

30 Minute Gryocopter Training Thrill Flight in Kent

• 30 minutes in a unique Gyroplane

• The quirkiest of flying experiences

• Suitable for ages 14 and up


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SKU: FL0032

What to expect from this Gyrocopter flying experience...

Rules and Restrictions

  • Minimum Age: 14 Years +
  • Minimum Height: 4'6" / 137cm
  • Maximum Height: 6'4" / 193cm
  • Maximum Weight: 16 Stone / 101kg

Into the Blue brings us this incredible offer – just £110 for a full 30 minutes of flying fun in a Gyrocopter.

When it comes to quirky, no other machine comes close to the Gyrocopter (gyroplane, autogyro… whatever!). So if you’ve ever wondered what the love-child of microlight and a helicopter might look like, now’s your chance to not only witness this bizarre frankenstein’s monster of the aviation world, but to get hands-on experience of flying the beast!

Where can I do this Gyrocopter flying experience?

This voucher is for a Gyrocopter flying activity provided by Into The Blue, taking place at the following venue:

Stoke Medway Airfield (Rochester)
(click title to see more at this location)See this flying school on a map >> stoke-medway-airfield-rochester
For unparalleled views over the Kentish coast, you can't beat a flight from Stoke Medway airfield. Home to one of the countries top microlighting clubs, this is a fantastic place to learn the basics of flying from a qualified instructor. You'll also find plane flying lessons nearby, and for the real quirky aviation connoisseurs an experience flight in a Gyrocopter seriously can't be beaten. They've been teaching would-be pilots here since the 1970s, so join the club and climb aboard!

Anything else I need to know?

This Gryocopter Training Thrill Flight voucher is not sold directly through FlyingLessons.co.uk - on clicking 'Buy Now' you wil be directed to the voucher provider's website to complete your purchase. This voucher is provided by Into The Blue.

Into The Blue say:

This unusual aerial gyrocopter experience gives you the chance to discover what it's like to fly a hybrid of a helicopter and fixed wing plane. The first prototypes of gyrocopters were invented back in 1919 by Juan de la Cierva and have proved eternally popular due to their flight agility and simplicity of design and construction. Flying in one of these rotor-motion machines will be a sky-high experience like no other! Also known as gyroplanes or rotorplanes, these modern gyrocopters are dual-controlled twin-seater aircraft with a tandem layout. If you are keen, your experienced gyrocopter pilot will be happy for you to sit in the front for your flight, giving you the best views and the chance to help them with the start-up procedures. Gyrocopters are unique in using the phenomenon of autorotation - where forward motion causes the rotor blades to spin and produce lift. An engine and prop provide thrust, like a plane or microlight, but the rotors don't need an engine to drive them (unlike a helicopter with directly driven rotors), relying instead on the aerodynamic force of moving air to rotate them. But don’t worry, you won’t be tested on any of this technical info during these gyrocopter flights!
• No previous flying experience is required • Front seat experience is at the instructors discretion • Please seek medical advice if you have previously suffered a heart condition or other medical complaint such as back or neck problems • This experience is not suitable for pregnant mothers



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Where can I do this flying experience?

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