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Welcome to flyinglessons.co.uk – Let us know what you think!


Welcome to flyinglessons.co.uk! We are a brand new site aimed at bringing you the widest range of UK flying lessons and flying experience days from voucher providers such as Into The Blue, Wish, Buy A Gift and many more. Our goal is to be more than just another price comparison site though; we plan to become a one-stop resource for all budding aviators, providing news and information as well as helping you to choose the best and most affordable flying lessons in the UK.

If you’ve ever looked into flying lessons online, you’ll know that there are a mind-boggling number of flying schools in the UK, all offering a huge array of different lessons and experience days in all their weird and wonderful aircraft. And they’re all passionate aviators, dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. Which is fantastic, and wonderful and totally brillo pads… except that for a novice aviator, it can be really tough to work out what it all means. The team here at flyinglessons.co.uk started out in 2014 with a simple idea: to cut through the jargon and present a simple selection of flying lessons and experiences that are nice and easy to understand, along with news and information to help you to make the best choice to suit your own particular flying dream.

Our site is still a baby – we’ve only just begun – but over the coming months we plan to collect the very best offers and deals for UK flying lessons, to bring you a truly comprehensive selection of what’s out there. We are also working on the Ground School section of our site, which we hope will provide all the information you need to plan your first steps into aviation, as well as some fun and interesting insights into the world of flying.

So… Come in, get comfy, and have a good nose around. We want to make this the most friendly place to learn about aviation and plan for your first flying lessons, so please, if you spot something we need to improve, let us know! We really want your feedback and we promise not be offended, honest.

Chocks away!


Jake trained as an artist and designer in Manchester and now spends most of his time attached to a computer keeping FlyingLessons.co.uk running smoothly. In his spare time he likes hiking up mountains, exploring art galleries and, of course, all things aviation.

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