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Light Aeroplanes

Light aeroplanes are by far the most popular flying machines for aspiring aviators looking to earn their wings. As the first successful powered aircraft (not counting balloons), the invention of the aeroplane marked the first time mankind could practically take to the skies in a controllable way, and the technology of flight has taken incredible strides in the intervening century.

Most modern commercial and military planes use powerful jet engines for their speed and efficiency, but for private flights and hobby aviation, the good old fashioned propeller remains the most common way to get airborne. There are a huge range of aircraft models available, with a variety of designs, but the most popular for first-time fliers in the UK is the Cessna 150 range of light aeroplanes. These small two-seater craft sport a single propeller engine at the nose of the plane, and are renowned for their ease of handling. American Piper brand airplanes are also a popular choice, particularly the four-seat PA28.

Whichever particular model you fly in, your first flying lesson in an aeroplane will follow the same general pattern. When you arrive at your chosen airfield, you’ll meet with your instructor for a pre-flight safety briefing. At FlyingLessons.co.uk, we only feature lessons taught by fully qualified and CAA approved flying instructors, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you’ll be in good hands.

When your briefing is concluded, you and your instructor will climb aboard the aircraft and prepare for take-off. In most cases you’ll sit in the captain’s seat and your instructor will take the role of co-pilot. You’ll have time during and after take-off to get comfortable and enjoy the incredible views from the cockpit, as your instructor will pilot the plane to begin with. All training aircraft are dual-controlled (just like a car when you learn to drive), so even when the time comes for you to fly the plane yourself, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your professional instructor can take over at any point.

Learning to fly a plane is an incredible thrill for anyone, and many people who plan to take a single lesson as a one-off experience find themselves hooked for life. At FlyingLessons.co.uk, you’ll find all the best plane flying lessons from the top experience day sites in the UK, so whether you’re looking for a lesson for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure of finding the best deal right here!

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Jake trained as an artist and designer in Manchester and now spends most of his time attached to a computer keeping FlyingLessons.co.uk running smoothly. In his spare time he likes hiking up mountains, exploring art galleries and, of course, all things aviation.

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