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Tag: GS3

‘So, how high can you go in one of these?’ As an instructor in light aircraft, I've been asked this question more times than I can count - in fact two students asked me just last weekend. Most people can't picture heights in terms of thousands of feet, so to put it into some kind of perspective... ...

The de Havilland Tiger Moth - Easy to fly, Hard to fly well One look at a Tiger Moth and you can tell it’s truly one of the legends. There is an air of mystique that surrounds every one of these machines. Pilots never forget the Moth and always speak fondly of it. The de Havilland DH 82 Tiger ...

Acrobatics – performed on a bouncy floor by a gymnast, sometimes with a ball or trailing a streamer. Aerobatics, on the other hand, is best described as pushing the boundaries of yourself as a pilot and those of your aeroplane… And it can be a lot of fun that will only improve your flying! ...

Here’s another one instructors get asked all the time! I’m afraid it’s not one with a straightforward answer, though. I could of course trawl through reams of accident reports, but I’d only make us both bored and depressed, and the truth is, statistics alone aren’t very helpful in determining how ...

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