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Vintage Biplanes

If your idea of the ultimate flying experience begins with the phrase ‘Chocks away old boy!’ then a flight in a vintage biplane might just be what you’re after. For an authentic adventure from the golden age of aviation, nothing else comes close to a lesson (complete with goggles and bomber jacket, naturally) in a deHavilland Tiger Moth, an old RAF standard from the 1930s.

One of the longest-serving models in the RAF arsenal, these aircraft were used as a standard training vehicle for a generation of heroic pilots; from dog-fighters in the Battle of Britain to the famous Dam Busters, all would have been more than familiar with the now- iconic Tiger Moth.

Despite faster and more streamlined aircraft becoming the norm in later decades, it is estimated that as many as 250 of these elegant old planes have survived in working order, and more are being restored all the time as the craze for retro flying shows no signs of slowing. FlyingLessons.co.uk brings together the best offers for vintage flight from around the UK to make it easy for you to take off in the best of British style.

Because of their age, these old beauties understandably need a bit of extra care and the odd replacement part to keep them in the air, so they tend to be on the costlier end of the light aeroplane price range, but once you’ve taken a test-flight into the past, you’ll understand why their owners continue to lavish them with attention and pride!

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Jake trained as an artist and designer in Manchester and now spends most of his time attached to a computer keeping FlyingLessons.co.uk running smoothly. In his spare time he likes hiking up mountains, exploring art galleries and, of course, all things aviation.

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