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Frequently Asked Questions Information at your fingertips to buy with confidence.

The aviation world can be a bit of a closed book to outsiders at times - it's not intentional, but pilots sometimes forget that some of us don't know our ailerons from our empennage!

Don't dispair though, FlyingLessons.co.uk is here to help! For questions about the ins-and-outs of pilot licence training, we recommend you check out our Ground School section, or if you have general questions about experience vouchers or how to use this site, see below.

  • Who can learn to fly?

    The short answer? Anyone!

    The longer answer… well, nearly anyone - but as with everything in life there are one or two unavoidable restrictions:

    • Height: Due to the small size of most aircraft used for flight training, it is often difficult for taller students to fly comfortably. As a rule, if you're anywhere up to 6'2, you should be fine in most aircraft. Many will accomodate taller passengers, but it's important to check this information on the product page before booking. Note that many aircrat also have minimum heights.
    • Weight: Getting off the ground is a finely balanced art, and so unfortunately there are inevitable weight restrictions on passengers for smaller aircraft - usually around 15 stone. As with height though, there are larger craft available that will accomodate heavier customers.
    • Age: Though you have to be 17 to gain a pilot's licence, there is no legal age limit to begin flight training - so this is at the discretion of the flying school. Most will happily give lessons to anyone aged 14 and over, some will train children as young as 10. Note however that under 16s will need adult accompaniment.

    Unlike most voucher sites, at FlyingLessons.co.uk we’ve made all of our featured flying experiences searchable by a range of factors including maximum height and weight, and minimum age. We hope this will make it simple for you to find the perfect flying lesson or gift experience to suit you.

  • How much do flying lessons cost?

    Getting airborne takes a lot of power and some expensive equipment, but with modern advances, learning to fly is now more affordable than ever. However, prices still vary a great deal depending on the aircraft you choose to train in. As a general rule, Microlight and Glider training is cheapest, flying standard Planes is in the mid-range, and Helicopters or Vintage aircraft will be more expensive.

    We've put together this handy article about the costs of training for a pilots licence - check it out for a more in-depth analysis!

  • Where can I use my flying lesson voucher?

    All of the flying vouchers we feature on FlyingLessons.co.uk fall into one of two categories: ’flexible’ or ’single-venue’.

    If you see the word ‘flexible’ in the title of a voucher page, it means that you’ll have a choice of two or more UK flying schools at which to take your flying lesson. A full list of the available locations can be found on the tab entitled ‘The Place’. If you’re buying a flying lesson voucher as a gift for someone else, we highly recommend choosing a flexible location, as this will allow the lucky recipient to decide for themselves where they want to learn to fly.

    All non-flexible offers will clearly state the location of the flying school in the title of the voucher, and again in the tab entitled ‘The Place’. Single-venue vouchers are great if you know where you want to take your flying lesson, and tend to be slightly cheaper than the flexible options.

  • What's included with my experience voucher?

    Each voucher featured on FlyingLessons.co.uk will come with it's own individual terms, and each will include a unique flying experience - however there are a few things they all have in common. All lessons featured on this site are taught by qualified flying instructors and offer the chance for you to get hands-on experience flying an aircraft yourself. The only exceptions to this is for simulator experiences, or if the instructor on the day feels it would be unsafe for you to take control.

  • How do I book my lesson for a specific date?

    All flying lessons are subject to availability, and it is always recommended to book well in advance of your preferred date. Depending on whcih provider you redeem your voucher with, you may be able to choose dates online or over the phone. Hoever it is currently not possible to check the availability of a particular date prior to buying a voucher. While every effort is made to find a suitable booking date, unavailability of your preferred date is not grounds for cancellation of your purchase.

  • Why am I redirected to another site to pay?

    While we do sell a range of vouchers directly, FlyingLessons.co.uk also allows you to browse vouchers offered by a range of other experience-day sellers - we think that's the fairest way to make sure you always get the best deal. As a result, if you choose a voucher offered by a different provider you will need to check the details and confirm your purchase on the seller's site.

  • Can I exchange my voucher for a different experience?

    This will depend on the provider of your voucher. Some experience day voucher sellers will offer free exchanges, others may charge or not allow this at all - it is your responsibility to check the terms of sale with the provider before you purchase. Vouchers bought direct from FlyingLessons.co.uk are not currently exchangeable.

  • What does 'chock-to-chock' mean?

    Many flying lesson providers will advertise the duration of the flights as 'chock to chock'. This simply means that the flight time is counted from the moment the aircraft starts moving, to the moment it comes to a full stop - including any time spend taxiing to the runway.

  • What about bad weather?

    Light aircraft are particularly vulnerable to the elements, and so lessons are liable to be cancelled if weather is bad. It's essential that you call the aircraft on the morning of your flight to check if the lesson has the go-ahead. Any lesson cancelled dues to bad weather will be rearranged for a later date at the customer's convenience.

  • Will it be the same aircraft as the picture?

    Aircraft images are included for illustration purposes only and do not depict the exact model of aircraft used during your flying lesson.

  • Are flying instructors all qualified?

    Unless otherwise stated all lessons in aircraft are taught by CAA certified instructors. Lessons in simulators are not subject to CAA oversight.

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