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Give Someone You Love the Gift of Flight

It's a question we're all familiar with - What do you buy for the person who has everything?

Studies have shown that gaining new possessions makes us happy for a short while, but new experiences leave us happier and more fulfilled throughout our lives.

We may be biased, but we reckon learning to fly is one of the most exciting and satisfying things a person can do with their spare time. And with 100s of vouchers for flying lessons all over the UK in a huge range of aircraft, it's now easier than ever to give someone the gift of flight!

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  • The Biggest Range:

    Browse over 600 vouchers for flying lessons and experience days available in the UK.

  • The Best Value:

    Compare prices and reviews for every lesson and location to find the best deal for you.

  • The Perfect Gift:

    Rest assured every lesson is taught by highly experience aviators at trusted flying schools

So, with, you can be sure of finding the best deals on flying lessons and experience gifts in the UK.

How does my first Flying Lesson work?

'Introductory flying lessons', 'trial flying lessons', 'experience flights' - like slippery cold war spies in those trashy thriller novels we all love, your first flying lesson may take any number of pseudonyms, but, beneath that mysterious facade, they all offer a similar experience. The aim is to give you (or whichever lucky blighter you buy a gift experience for) a taste of what it feels like to pilot an aircraft.

Want to know more?
click to browse the flying lessons ground school section
Check out Ground School.

ALL vouchers include:
  • Suitable for complete beginners - no experience necessary and plenty of understanding if you’re feeling wimpy
  • Expert tuition from super cool flying instructors certified by the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Hands on experience of piloting an aircraft - counts towards a licence if you decide to continue flying
  • Peace of mind - all aircraft are checked, re-checked and then checked again and maintained to the highest standard for your safety
SOME vouchers include:
  • A certificate to take home – so you can rub it in the face of anyone who doubts your awesome aviation credentials
  • Extra passenger seating available – bring a friend (or enemy, if you prefer) along for the ride of a lifetime
  • A shiny pilot log book – note down your flight times and have an instructor sign off
  • Classic RAF gear – some vintage flights include snazzy retro goggles and bomber jackets to help you get into character

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Head over to Ground School to find the answers to all your aviation questions!

Which aircraft should I choose for my flying lessons?

We all love having options. Not so long ago, a cup of tea was a cup of tea was a cup of tea, but nowadays there's green, black, fruity, spicy and who knows how many different coloured bushes - brilliant! Vive la différence!

That said, it can sometimes be confusing having all these choices! If you're not sure which aircraft you fancy taking a flying experience in, pop over to Ground School or have a butchers at the tabs below to find out more!

Need more information?
click to browse the flying lessons ground school section
Go to Ground School.

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk © Simon Schoeters 2007

Learn to Fly in a Plane

A flying lesson or experience day in a light aeroplane is the most popular way to get started on the road to a PPL (private pilot's licence), with vouchers available at hundreds of flying schools around the UK. Small and nimble, these planes are ideal for training, or for a one-off unforgettable gift experience. Most plane flying lessons cost in the region of £80 to £250, making learning to fly more affordable than ever! Learn More at Ground School

Robinson R44 Helicopter ©D. Miller 2009

Learn to Fly in a Helicopter

Helicopters are one of the most challenging aircraft to pilot, but don't be put off! If you take the plunge and learn to fly a helicopter, you'll never look back. These slick, ultra-manoeuvrable flying machines can do things no other aircraft can, and since all of our featured lessons are perfect for beginners, you'll have plenty of help to get to grips with the basics. The cost of helicopter flying lessons varies, with £170 to £350 being about average.
Learn More at Ground School

Flex-wing Microlight ©Martin Pettitt 2008 Learn to Fly in a Microlight

Microlighting is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to fly, with flying schools all over. These super lightweight aircraft take two distinct shapes: the flex-wing looks like a souped-up hang glider with engine driven propulsion, whereas the fixed-wing or three-axis is basically a teeny tiny plane. These machines are seriously fun and flying a microlight is a thrilling way to get started in aviation. They also offer just about the cheapest flying lessons available at around £50 to £150!
Learn More at Ground School

vintage tiger moth biplane Learn to Fly in a Vintage Plane

Vintage flying is an amazing way to taste the glorious golden age of British aviation. Back in the 1930s and ‘40s, classic biplanes such as the de Havilland Tiger Moth were the training aircraft of choice for the RAF, and their elegant design and sturdy engineering have kept them popular right up to the present. With prices in the range of £140 to £400, a vintage flying lesson costs a little more than a modern plane, but as soon as you climb aboard you’ll find these old beauties are worth every penny. Chocks away!
Learn More at Ground School

aerobatic stunt plane flying experienceLearn to Fly an Aerobatic Stunt Plane

Are you easily bored? Do you crave the thrill of the fast lane? Do you chuckle in the face of scary scary danger? Then a flying experience with acertified aerobatic pilot is for you. Climb aboard and strap yourself in for the most exhilarating ride of your life as you loop, twist and soar through the sky like a feather caught in a tornado. All of our featured aerobatic experiences also offer the chance to control the plane for yourself, and with prices around £130 to £250, this is an adrenaline boost that won’t break the bank. Not for the faint of heart!
Learn More at Ground School

glider flying lessonsLearn to Fly a Glider

If you’ve ever longed to float silently on the wind like a hunting hawk, then you’d love the serene flying experience that is unique to the glider. These aircraft have no loud, smelly engines of their own, instead relying on their huge wingspan to catch thermal currents and updrafts. This reduces the length of glider flights (usually between 10 and 30 minutes) but the payoff is the calm beauty of unpowered flight. Once you try ‘falling with style’ for yourself, you’ll soon be addicted, and since glider lessons only cost around £80 to £180, it’s an affordable habit!
Learn More at Ground School

gyroplane flying lesson martin pettitt 2009Learn to Fly a Gyroplane

They go by many names – ‘gyroplane’, ‘autogyro’, ‘gyrocopter’ – but whatever you call them, we love these little weirdos. Looking like some sort of Frankenstein’s monster knocked together out of spare bits of helicopter, plane and microlight, these unique flying machines have actually been around for nearly a century. For some reason they’ve never gained the popularity of their better-known cousins, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, you can’t go wrong with the ugly ducklings of the aviation world. Gyroplane experiences cost around £70 to £150 - give them a chance!
Learn More at Ground School

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